3 ;arge trees, 3 medium trees, 3 small trees

So these trees are made using a wire frame and built up, I want a simple deisgn as to make them afordable, i could make loads of extra detail and we might do that in the future!

The challange is to find a way to mass produce the trees, and to get something to stick on the metal frame!

Each tree is unique and made from wire, mounted on an MDF or Hardboard base, then a high quility gapfilling adhesive is smeraed on, this not only holds all the wire togther but gives a surfice for scupting over!

Once completly dried, the base has sand added, then Rubberished Horsehair is used, the tree is then sprayed Dark brown , the trunk, is drybrushed, and model scatter is the applied with adhesive.