Fantasy World

Fantasy World 

I started playing Dungeons and Dragons about 40 years ago, until Warhammer Fantasy battle came out, and that became my go to game, I still have a love for Metal OLD SCHOOL  Fantasy Models, I started work at Games Workshop in 1990 In the Nottingham Store, and would go on to do all sorts of roles, I should write them all down at some point!
In one White Dwarf There is a picture of me at a Games Day!

During lock down, Andrew Ellis who made lots of Murawski, and The Guillotine crew, Mob, and Mamelukes models, was talking to me about his love of old school models. so Andrew Sculpted the Adventures, in glorious 1980s style!!
 Then followed up with some Ogres, Michael Percy who had never made any Fantasy Models before, had a go at some Half Orcs! 

The Half orcs will be available to order in November, as I want to give the Kickstarter Backers to have got these first!


Future Plans

I plan to add to the ranges in a true 80s random style for now, In fact i already have WATCH OUT FOR TROLLS, GOBLINS AND MORE HALF ORCS!!

Integer acam

Fantasy Feedback

Im after feedback on future models, ranges, terrain, Painted images of my models, along with potential for more sculpturs, espiaclly for some retro Space models, and somebody who can do old style line drawings of miniatures and buildings, please get in touch