I started making wargames terrain over 30 years ok, and over the years I have learned techniques which allow me to produce good terrain quickly.
I had the opportunity to be one of the team who set up Warhammer World ( i dont know who actually came up with the name, lost in time?) helped to work on the big displays which we took a new one every year to Games Day. Sadly these displays our know longer with us.
We also had to produce masses of terrain for New Games Workshop stores, and huge tournaments with over 250 gamers and open days.
Building Construction
The Buildings are constructed from thick, strong card, balsa wood, a plaster is then applied.
The roofs are made from towelling which is washed in plaster mix, or card board, when I made the model of Stockheim for a commission it had hundreds, if not thousands individual card roof tiles.
Each building is then painted, modelling flock is then added to the base.
Producing an ever expanding range of scale wargames scenery and a stunning range of hand crafted buildings, which really bring your battlefield to life. when you order a unit, hedge or building the other products need purchasing separately..
You can order directly on our website, through Paypal, or email if you prefer to get price or more information, sales@emperortoadsemporium.co.uk Whilst we would like carry all our products as stock item, each model, hedge or building is handmade so they all have are unique and have an individual character and style. Turn around is currently about  four weeks, but once you have placed you order we will get back to you with a dispatch date.