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clearance stuff!

I'm having a clear up, and found all sorts of fun things, in the old days these would be sold at shows, but I need to clear the space..
good thing about having your own website is you sell direct, so no ebay, so here is a pile of Napoleonics I want to shift, real mixture, Murawski, Emperor Toads and even some front rank!
Normal postage rates apply, so you could always add some extra new models, or terrain. The Section is simple called clearancehttps://emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store/product/front-rank-belgian-battalion-pack-nnbp4

Desert Terrain

Always fun and looks great, from houses to broken ground and palm trees.


New range of 28mm Scale Volksgrenadiers Miniatures and terrain

Batch 3 Now Available to Pre order, along with special Winter terrain offers!

These new miniatures go along with the Original 32 models. With this batch, the biggest so far, comprising;  One each of all our new Volksgrenadiers

21 miniatures

Panzerschreck team deploying (2)
Panzerschreck Team firing         (2)
Medium machine gun and three crew (3)
Mortar and three crew                            (3)
Flame thrower teams three models      (2)
HQ three models                                      (3)
radio team 3 models                                (3)
Forward Observer (radio team2) 3 models  (3)

The models have been sculpted by Michael   Percy, and the design brief is no multi parts ( well almost none, the MMG and Mortar are two parts).
The PRE-ORDER will run for a few weeks, the models are already with Griffin Moulds, and I will put better images up once we have master castings.
Please remember that Its Pre-order and any other items ordered at the same time will be dispatched together.I need to offer these as preorder also so i can plan the mould layouts. 
Expected dispatch dispatch time would be end of May, or perhaps even early June.
You can pre order the Weapon teams separately, but I have put a special set with one each of the new models. To Pre-order click belowhttps://emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store/product/volksgrenadiers-special-and-support-preorder-1 

Revolutionary Wars Dutch 

Cavalry, Artillery and a General

Pre-order for New 1793-4 Dutch, You can preorder a whole new army, cavalry, Artillery or even just a Generalhttps://emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store?productlist-search=&productlist-sort=created-desc&p...

 Hand Crafted Terrain, and Buildings!

These hand crafted Terrain and buildings will add character your gaming table, the range is huge and new items are always being added!All buildings and terrain are hand crafted to order.

Revolutionary Wars, 

Revolutionary Wars,

 The French Revolutionary Wars, were a series of wars between 1789-1802, France went from  Monarchy to a republic, and the modern world was born.The French armies are an exciting force to collect, around the corps of the old Royal Armies, hundreds of thousands of raw volunteers and constricts formed an army, which at first was little more than a rabble, too become one of the most powerful armies in History.