Terrain Bundle 

As its now autumn its a great time to add to your terrain, with those long nights, ideal for gaming.
 Terrain bundle starter set, this is version one,
It comprises of Hedges, Trees and a field so fairly generic.16 x hedge sections each 15 cm long
6 x Trees
1 x field
Terrain starter set is just for a limited time £40 saving over £20, Uk is still post free, over ends soon! https://www.emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store/product/terrain-bundle-1

Swiss Guard

Defenders of the King, who were massacred at the battle of the Tuileries  https://www.emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store/product/swiss-guard-defenders-of-the-tuileries-palace-1  

To the Bastille!!

Thirty two mob different miniatures, depicting the men and women, who in 1789 stormed the Bastille, marched on Versailles, fought and died at Tuileries in 1792.

Many of the miniatures could be used for all sorts of armed peasants,   https://www.emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store/product/storm-the-bastille


All UK orders are post free for a limited time , and in these difficcult times we have rationalised some of our prices, also The Coalition armies now have their  own sections, over 100 new models have been ordered to be sculpted to add to the huge backlog of unrelaesed models, which we have, including the kickstarter ones, its 80 models which we be released as soon as we get the last kickstarters out!

French Grenadiers

French Grenadiers

You can use these both with Soldiers of The Ancien Regime,  or with your National Guard,

Just listed a National unit which contains Grenadiers!

and  to add character it is Paris National Guard!



These  multi-part models  allow you to build your horde of these elite cavalry,  these models can be used for shundreds of years, but perhaps most famous at the. Battle of the Pyramids

http://emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store/product/mameluke-horde-preorder you can also order some terrain to go with them!





The models are multi-part allowing huge varirty, four bodies, which join at the waist to three different Arab horses.A selection of sword arms allow huge variants, and a special "sprue" with a standard, horn, musket and psisol arms.

Pre-order of Mamelukes
The master moulds have been made by Griffin moulds so straight into production moulds, so I expect to ship in July!!

Ancient Terrain!!!

Ancient Celtic and Roman Terrain

With a new rule set Infamy, Infamy We have hade several orders for Ancient Terrain https://emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store/product/roman-signal-tower


A warm welcome to our website!!

Revolutionary Wars French Carabiniers available to preorder!


Vendeans availble to order!!

War of the Vendee

Production moulds cut and preorders (finally dispatched!!), The range so far features 24 with improved weapons, 20 musket armed models, 3 cavalry, 4 Infantry command a cannon and crew,. and more models will be added later in the year,!!

Hand Crafted Terrain, and Buildings!

These hand crafted Terrain and buildings will add character your gaming table, the range is huge and new items are always being added!All buildings and terrain are hand crafted to order.

Revolutionary Armies

An ever expanding range of high quality 28mm scale elegant models for collectors and wargamers. French, Austrian, Dutch, Savoy (piedmont) British, Prussian and Vendeans!

Next week we are due to receive a huge order from Griffin Moulds, Vandeans, Volksgrenadiers and lots of other  cool stuff