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Hand Crafted Terrain,  Buildings, Revolutionary Wars  and Fantasy Miniatures! , 

French Revolutionary Wars 1789-1802
Elegant 28mm Models, for Painters, Collectors and Gamers.

Revolutionary Mob and Vendee Counter Revolution

The Reign of Terror, The range features, the Mob, a guillotine, Vendeans, Chouan and the Swiss Guards. 

Wars of The French Revolution French 

From the Soldiers of the Ancien Regime, National guard and masses of rag tag  Levee em Masse.

Wars of the French Revolution 1st Coalition

The allies fought together to try and defeat the young Republic, British, Austrian, Dutch, Piedmont and Prussians


The website has been a bit of a mess for too long,  which I will try and sort out including proper images, so I have divided the range into three  Categories. To order click on the store button, then choose from the three categories;  
  •  Wars of The French Revolution French, 
  • Revolutionary Mob and Vendee Counter Revolution
  • Wars of the French Revolution 1st Coalition
  • You can then click on Tag, to breakdown into; Infantry, cavalry, artillery, and officers and generals.
I have put some items on the site which are not even moulded, this is partly so I dont forget about them!. If you want some of these please email me.
All models are cast by legendry Griffin moulds, and are very clean.



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Hand Crafted Terrain and Buildings

All terrain comes assembled
All Terrain come Painted
All Terrain is made to order

The finest 28mm Wargames Miniatures for
The French Revolutionary Wars!

Now you can Collect, Paint, and Wargame the campaigns of the French Revolutionary wars, The Range so far features, French, Prussian, Dutch, British, Piedmont and Prussian!

The French Revolutionary Wars is the name given to the series of conflicts that convulsed Europe in the ten years between 1792 and 1802

The Reign of Terror Range, and the huge Vendean and Chouan range!!

28mm Metal Miniatures cast by Griffin Moulds ( best casting i have ever seen!!).
Over 400 miniatures in the Range
Plans for 100 new Miniatures  in 2022