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Free shipping on all UK orders, here is your chance to order some new terrain or some  Revolutionary Wars models!!

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Postage to France is  £1!!For a limited time all orders to France, Postage is just £1.
For no other Reason than I miss being in France, hopefully this summer, after multiple Holidays, cancelled or moved.

Prussian Artillery 1792 PRE_ORDER

Now you can refight the classic Artillery Battle at Valmy 1792, These new Prussian models a low you to form, https://emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store/product/prussian-artillery-1792-preorder

Directory Period 1795-99 FRENCH LINE INFANTRY 


These are the classic Infantry of Bonaparte's Campaigns and can also be used in the early Napoleonic Wars.The pre-order comprises, of Fusiliers, Grenadiers and Command models, all in 28mm!
Already been master moulded, I'm painting some of the master models  at the moment.

The models are available to-order, and should be dispatched early March>, We need support to fund moulds and sculpting, and to tempt you can pre-order at a special price 3 Battalions of 24 models for just £80 or 6 units for just £150!!!!
The existing artillery models are suitable so you can add these to your orders.  https://emperortoadsemporium.co.uk/store/product/directory-period-1795-99-french-line-infantry-demi-...or 


The basic units dont come with Grenadiers, as they fought mostly detached in this period, add a note or email me and I will replace some fusiliers with them

The Directory (also called Directorate, French: le Directoire) was the governing five-member committee in the French First Republic from 2 November 1795 until 9 November 1799, when it was overthrown by Napoleon Bonaparte in the Coup of 18 Brumaire and replaced by the Consulate.

Hand Crafted Terrain and Buildings

The finest 28mm Wargames Miniatures for
The French Revolutionary Wars!

Now you can Collect, Paint, and Wargame the campaigns of the French Revolutionary wars, The Range so far features, French, Prussian, Dutch, British, Piedmont and Prussian!

The Reign of Terror Range, and the huge Vendean and Chouan range!!

28mm Metal Miniatures cast by Griffin Moulds ( best casting i have ever seen!!).
Over 400 miniatures in the Range
Plans for 100 new Miniatures  in 2022
All terrain comes assembled
All Terrain come Painted
All Terrain is made to order