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Hand Crafted Terrain, and Buildings!

These hand crafted Terrain and buildings will add character your gaming table, the range is huge and new items are always being added!All buildings and terrain are hand crafted to order.

Revolutionary Wars, 

Revolutionary Wars,

 The French Revolutionary Wars, were a series of wars between 1789-1802, France went from  Monarchy to a republic, and the modern world was born.The French armies are an exciting force to collect, around the corps of the old Royal Armies, hundreds of thousands of raw volunteers and constricts formed an army, which at first was little more than a rabble, too become one of the most powerful armies in History.

Starter Forces

To help you start building your army, or you could expand an existing one, I have put together two starter forces at a special price.French Levee en masse, or Army of Italy, and an Austrian Force,.
Each force contains, 1 mounted officer, 2 battalions of infantry each of 24 models for just £44
(normal price is £64).


24 models will work for popular rules like Black Powder, and next year I aim to publish a set called "Revolution"