Mobilization for the counter offensive has begun, this is the first set of 12 Metal Models for the Battle of Bulge Range , designed for me by Michael Percy, The models are being moulded and cast by Griffin Moulds, the world’s best Casting company. All the models (with a few exceptions) will be single piece castings.

This pre-order expected out in January is instead of using Kickstarter, so we do need support in getting this range going, we are aiming for about 12 new models every month, starting with several releases Volksgrenadiers then moving onto US winter army !

Like with kickstarter if you would like a full set check out the early bird offer.


Hand Crafted Terrain, and Buildings!

These hand crafted Terrain and buildings will add character your gaming table, the range is huge and new items are always being added!

Revolutionary Armies

An ever expanding range of high quality 28mm scale elegant models for collectors and wargamers. French, Austrian, Dutch, Savoy (piedmont) British, Prussian and Vendeans!

Three Armies Napoleonics

28 mm scale Napoleonics, French, Bristish, Saxony, Prussians and Spanish